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Component Maintenance & Reclassification

As well as in-field service and maintenance, PRE provides a range of back shop maintenance services and component overhaul products from purpose built facilities that incorporate state of the art equipment. PRE’s maintenance services are convenient, flexible, fast and competitive.

Bogie (truck) Maintenance

PRE has over 20 years’ experience in all facets of wagon and locomotive bogie maintenance, including scheduled maintenance, conversions, inspections, reports, repairs and reclassification. All bogie maintenance services comply with the relevant OEM and AAR specifications and can include special customer request.

Wheelset Refurbishment (Wheels, axles and bearings)

From PRE’s purpose built wheel maintenance facility in Tomago NSW, PRE offers a comprehensive range of freight wheelset maintenance services, which include:

  • wheel turning
  • bearing requalification
  • wheel disc replacements
  • wheelset assembly and
  • axel inspections and turning

Our modern facility has wheel turning capabilities for both narrow and standard gauge wheelsets and can accommodate all classes and brands of railway bearings. PRE’s wheel maintenance facility offers freight rail operators an efficient and competitive service with lightning response and quick turnaround.

Air Brake Overhauls

PRE overhaul and reclassify all brands of wagon and locomotive air brake systems from our purpose built brake shop in Sydney NSW. Our experienced and skilled technicians perform the re-manufacture and testing of brake equipment to OEM and ARR standards. Specialised knowledge that can only come from years of experience is combined with competitive, efficient service and fast turnaround.

Air brake overhauls are completed on triple valves, release valves, isolating cocks, slack adjusters, brake cylinders, distributor valves, relay valves, brake hoses and ball]end cocks and for locomotive 26L kits, A7/B7 kits, ACDW kits, BFC/BFCF kits, brake racks
and safety valves.